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NHS doctors on the barricades against the maneuver

The doctors of the National Health Service say no to the economic maneuver launched by the Government and proclaim a state of unrest by announcing two days of strike: 12 and 19 July
This is what has been learned from trade union sources of the NHS medical management, who met last Friday in Rome precisely to take stock of the effects of the maneuver. The decision was signed by all the trade unions, with the exception of Cisl medico and Uil medico. "The Inter-union of the managers of the NHS - reads a note - expresses a strong disagreement with the contents of the maneuver to correct the public accounts launched by the Government which determines unacceptable cuts for public health and serious inequities towards doctors, veterinarians and health and administrative managers of the National Health Service". For the unions, in fact, the maneuver "subtracts resources essential to the functioning of the health system and the maintenance of essential levels of assistance through: the blocking of turnover, which will lead to a shortage of around 20,000 doctors and health managers necessary for the functioning of hospitals and local services; the dismissal of precarious workers who for years have compensated for the lack of recruitment especially in the sectors linked to emergencies and prevention; the 10 billion cut of resources to the Regions with inevitable repercussions on the social and health sector which represents 70% of their budget".

The managers of the NHS explain that they do not want to evade the need to contribute to the consolidation of the country's accounts, but denounce «the iniquity of measures that penalize them excessively, including: the freezing of contracts and the freezing of wages for the four-year period 2010-2013; the freezing of the economic progression linked to professional evaluation and of the remuneration linked to night shifts and holidays; the precariousness of all managerial positions". In addition to the two-day strike, the trade union organizations announce a national day of protest for June 16 characterized by assemblies in all hospitals from 12 to 14 and a meeting with parliamentarians at Palazzo Madama, with a press conference and demonstration.

DoctorNews – 5 June 2010 – Year 8, Number 102

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