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Mnlf, enough with attempts to curb the country's growth

As always, the winner is the fear that unwelcome measures may be approved, such as the liberalization of class C drugs. This is how the National Free Pharmacists Movement comments on the excerpt from the Omnibus bill of article 12 on pharmacy services. But the context in which our country finds itself, denounces the movement, is one of continuous pressure on the political class to carry forward a process of liberalization that will allow for the recovery of growth. «The official justification» reads a note «is to avoid the creation of a conflict with the bill on the reorganization of the pharmaceutical service, which has resumed the discussion in the Hygiene and Health Committee, and appears as a counter-current rise of salmon» but what appears to be instead is yet another attempt «to defend the lobbies». Now, however, the moment is one that would require more courageous choices. «Just on the same day that the article on pharmacy services was removed, Standard & Poor's, one of the main rating agencies, downgraded Italy» and, as if that weren't enough, «in the World Economic Outlook, the International Monetary Fund cut its forecasts on Italy's GDP. The country appears, to use the comparison of Marcello Sorgi della Stampa, like a boxer motionless in the center of the ring».

Pharmacist33 – September 22, 2011


(AGI) - Rome, 22 September – "I am convinced that the bill that we are carrying out in the Senate has everything to become law and I am sure that, after the discussion on the amendments, there are all the elements to make a good law, respecting the values and traditions that concern pharmaceutical distribution, in Italy". This is what was declared by the president of the Palazzo Madama Health Commission, Antonio Tomassini, on the sidelines of a meeting in Rome on the next objectives of the Research. Tomassini, commenting on the situation of the bill on the reorganization of the pharmaceutical service under discussion in the commission he presides over, continued: "as for parapharmacies, the chapter in the law is well outlined, elements can be inserted which, however, are not oppressive, without forcing one's hand", he concluded. (AGI) .



Free administration of class C drugs

It is illegitimate to impose a hospital pharmacy on citizens.

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