NOMOS. The Parliamentary Day of 15 December 2020

The Parliamentary Day of 15 December 2020

Conte starts the government check. Today the decisive meeting with Renzi

TO Palazzo Chigi opens on the first day of the government verification to which the premier Joseph Conte was in fact forced out of the impasse. These are real consultations that take place in the executive headquarters, with numerous delegations that Conte chooses to see starting strictly from the group with the largest number of parliamentarians. The main theme is above all one: the reshuffle. Neither the M5S nor the Pd during the two afternoon meetings ask for it, on the contrary, the political leader of the Movement Vito Crimi puts a clear veto to the eventuality: "It's a surreal theme, we are not available". The theme is actually there, but it will have to be iv to put it, if you want. The atmosphere over Palazzo Chigi is suspended, no one, in the majority, has the certainty that the government will go ahead and the Conte himself is described as aware of the crucial nature of this verification. The distances are different, even between the M5S and the Pd. But Nicola Zingaretti, after a two-hour meeting between the Dem and Conte delegation, he removes the specter of the crisis: "The meeting was very useful, we believe that the action of this government must go forward with great harmony with the problems of the Italians". Talk about topics M5S, who sees in his delegation the presence of Louis DiMaio And Stephen Patuanelli, also to strengthen the political position of a Movement still held back by the change of leadership: "We asked for respect on very important measures such as the renewal of the eco-bonus, the conflict of interests, the stop to drilling and the lowering of taxes", underlines Di Maio, branding, like Crimi, the debate on armchairs as "surreal". The M5S immediately puts the issue of the reshuffle on the table with Conte: "We are happy with our government team, if someone is not happy with theirs, tell them", the message delivered is in a nutshell. There control room on the Recovery Fund, fuse that blew up the balance of the majority? The M5S is not against it but the structure needs to be remodulated, parliamentarized and individual Ministries must be allowed to deepen the projects, explain the pentastellati.

The topics on which the Pd are significantly different and touch nodes such as that of constitutional reforms and, above all, of the electoral law and also the delicate health file, hand-in-hand with the activation of the month. “But let's put it in a constructive way”, is the prudence of Zingaretti who remarks that there was no talk of a reshuffle at Palazzo Chigi. Just before, it is Maria Elena Boschi, on the eve of today's meeting at 13.00, between Conte and the Renzian delegation, to reiterate a similar concept: "The reshuffle is not on the agenda". Yet the ghost of a tweak to the Government team he roams like never before in the Palaces of politics. According to some majority rumors, the hypothesis of Di Maio and a big figure from the Pd deputy prime minister, Renzi for Foreign Affairs and the former political leader for the Interior, would even be circulating; those directly involved vehemently deny it. However, not so many ministers are sure of their place: certainly Robert Gualtieri, Stephen Patuanelli, Vincent Amendola and a few others. The purse of possible new ministers, among the Renzians, sees the prices of rising Hector Rosato while in the Democratic Party there is always the Mit node. There are those in the M5S who think that Renzi's goal is to transform Conte's political majority, perhaps with an expansion to FI or the center-right. But only today will Conte understand whether or not Renzi really wants the crisis.

Salvini and Meloni clarify. The center-right is united and cohesive

A press conference together to list the demands that with a single voice the centre-right tabled (in the form of amendments) to the budget law and then, on the sidelines, a clarification after the tensions of recent days. Is this the image that Matthew Salvini, Giorgia Meloni And Antonio Tajanithey wanted to provide on the day the premier Joseph Conte it has effectively opened consultations with the majority parties. The photograph serves to show a center-right united and cohesive, ready to provide an alternative for leading the country. "On a day in which the majority argues about seats, we bring concrete proposals for the Maneuver", underlines the secretary of the League Matteo Salvini who later, meeting the secretariat, will summarize the state of the art as follows: "First they remove the disturbance Renzi , Conte and the Democratic Party and the better; the centre-right is compact and is an alternative ready to govern and help Italy; he has proposed economic solutions, while the Government is talking about reshuffles and armchairs”. What is certain is that sitting together behind a table was not easy, especially after the tensions of the last few days linked to Salvini's openness to a bridge government in the event of the fall of the current one, an idea rejected without appeal by Giorgia Meloni who hadn't hesitated to say she was "astonished" by the words of the former interior minister. The position taken by the Northern League secretary needed clarification and the two had a discussion before and after the press conference which led to a clearing up.

No intention to break the coalition, would have been in summary the position reached, but awaited for the moves of the Government. In short, the center-right remains at the window, leaving Conte to solve the problems with his majority; however, should there be a change of scenery, the pact signed is that the coalition will decide together what to do. However, it is difficult to understand how much this balance holds. It being understood that no one intends to split the centre-right, it is evident that sensitivities within it are different: the leader of the League in fact, it seems that he continues to look with interest at a change of scenery, while it is no mystery that Silvio Berlusconi has always been in more dialoguing positions. And it is no coincidence that just as the leader of the League opens up to a bridge government, in a letter to Courier he trusts "that beyond the reasons for alignment we can find a convergence on the concrete needs of the country". The Knight reiterates the distinction of roles between the majority and the opposition while extending a hand to the executive with regard to the country's needs, especially related to the Covid emergency. Sharper Giorgia Meloni which speaks of a real "warning to sailors" reaffirming the unavailability to "participate in a manger set up on the skin of the Italians".

The Senate Hall

L'Senate assembly will meet again at 11.00 to examine the votes on decree for the protection of health and economic support measures related to the COVID emergency, the so-called refreshment decree, which also includes the subsequent bis, ter and quater decrees which have merged into the provision through amendments by the Government.

The Senate Committees

As regards the Commissions, the Constitutional affairs, in meeting with the Justice, will hold hearings and examine the decree on immigration, international and complementary protection, as well as measures on the subject of prohibition of access to public establishments and places of public detention, contrast to the distorted use of the web and discipline of the Guarantor national rights of persons deprived of their liberty. There Justice it will examine the bill on the suspension of the terms relating to obligations to be paid by the freelancer in the event of illness or accident. There Instruction it will examine the outline of the legislative decree concerning the reorganization and reform of the safety standards for the construction and operation of sports facilities and of the legislation on the modernization or construction of sports facilities; it will then hold some hearings on the draft legislative decree for the reorganization and reform of the provisions on the subject of professional and amateur sports bodies as well as sports work.

There Public Works will examine the draft program contract between MIT, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane and the Euralpin Lyon-Turin Tunnel (TELT) and the draft decree of the President of the Republic for the establishment and functioning of the public register of contractors who oppose the use of personal data and telephone number for sales or commercial promotions. There Productive activities it will carry out several hearings in the context of the assigned deal on the support and promotion systems of tourist services and the production chains associated with the valorisation of the territory. There Work will discuss the proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on adequate minimum wages in the European Union. There Healthcare will examine the Calabria decree. There Territory will discuss the framework Community act for the achievement of climate neutrality. There EU policies will examine the European acts relating to the single European sky and will listen to the German Ambassador in Italy HE Viktor Elbling on the results of the German presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The House Chamber

Today, theHall of the Chamber it will not gather. Work will resume on Thursday at 9.30 with the discussion of the motion on initiatives for the care and support of patients affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (SLA) and related families, and of the motion on initiatives for a large program of investments and measures in the health sector in relation to the emergency from COVID-19.  The exam should begin on Friday budget law.

House Committees

As regards the Commissions, the Justice it will hold several hearings on the pdl for access to the legal profession and some on the pdl relating to the illicit production, trafficking and possession of narcotic or psychotropic substances in minor cases. There Defence it will discuss the bills for the deferment of the reduction of personnel numbers of the military personnel of the Armed Forces and of the civilian personnel of the Ministry of Defence. From 10.00 the Budget Commission will resume the examination of the amendments that have been presented to the budget law. There Finances will listen to the Chief Executive Officer of Borsa Italiana SpA, Raffaele Jerusalm in the context of the fact-finding survey on the financial markets at the service of economic growth. With the Productive activities it will discuss the outline of the ministerial decree containing the regulation on the subject of access requirements, conditions, criteria and modalities of the interventions of the Dedicated Heritage.

There Culture will hold hearings on the recruitment and legal status of researchers from universities and research institutions, as well as doctoral and research grants and with the Work he will take comfort in the outline of the legislative decree containing the reorganization and reform of the provisions concerning professional and amateur sports bodies as well as sports work. There Environment, with the Transportation, will hold several hearings on the maintenance and safety of the Ligurian motorway infrastructures and will subsequently listen to Massimo Simonini, CEO of Anas, on the initiatives concerning the Colle di Tenda road section in the light of the serious damage suffered by the infrastructure following the recent adverse atmospheric events ; it will then examine the resolution to improve the competitiveness of port systems, also through the simplification of the dredging discipline.

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