NOMOS. The parliamentary day of 26 November 2020

The Parliamentary Day of 26 November 2020

There is tension for the vote on the deviation. The Government is negotiating with the centre-right

So we don't go any further: the message has been coming for days iv and from Pd which it is no coincidence that they have begun to speak openly about the needs of redefine the governance structure. Of course, there is the coronavirus emergency to deal with (the summit on the measures to be decided in view of Christmas has been postponed to today) but dissatisfaction with the impasse on the dossiers on the table is growing, from case of Calabria to the month, ending with the topic of institutional reforms. The other evening during a party meeting, the group leaders of the Democratic Party reiterated that he must be the prime minister Joseph Conte, guarantor of the alliance, to unblock the situation. Fibrillation on the yellow and red front is the order of the day but there is an increasingly tense atmosphere to be recorded (the tug of war over the appointments and the premier's decision to extend Vecchione as head of Dis without a prior confrontation is only a sign of the malaise of the Pd groups) on the eve of the match considered most important, i.e. the one on the management of the funds Recovery plans. At the moment, however, the spotlights are focused above all on the Senate where the numbers remain dancers. And ten roller-coaster days are expected for the Government and the majority.

Today the first appointment: the Giallorossi have specifically pushed for the vote on the deviation first in the Chamber and then in the Senate (without the centre-right's go-ahead, the majority expects between 164 and 168 votes); the blues in Montecitorio have opened the hypothesis of the yes in a more convinced way while at Palazzo Madama there are still some grumblings. The match is in the hands of the three center-right leaders who met yesterday (Berlusconi in connection) to reiterate that there will be a resolution and a common position. Six experts from the coalition are working on the document (also the Northern League Borghi and Bagnai). Officially, on the basis of the government's response, what to do will be decided, but Silvio Berlusconi has already decided to give the green light; in the afternoon Fdi and Lega still leaned towards abstention but it is not excluded that the whole center-right will vote yes: "If you put your fingers in my eyes I will vote against you, if you accept my proposals I will vote for you", he said Matthew Salvini. The outstretched hand of the Minister of Economy also weighed on the choice of the Knight Robert Gualtieri, who considered FI's proposals positive, promising to "increase support for self-employed workers, traders, artisans, professionals, through the expansion of tax moratorium, with the postponement of year-end deadlines that goes beyond the sectors of Atec codes directly affected by the restrictive measures". Therefore, it is not excluded that in the end, in the face of the government's openings, the whole center-right will converge for the green light.

A difficult period begins for the government majority

The comparison is also played on dl restaurant quater: the attempt is to ensure that it is transformed into an amendment and that there is a single provision by uniting the previous decrees of the executive thus providing black and white proof of the requests made by the centre-right parties. But there are several dates to mark to verify the solidity of the majority: the Chamber after the trust on of immigration from Monday he will take care of the maneuverwhich will then arrive for the final go-ahead on December 22 at Palazzo Madama; the communications of the Prime Minister stand out in the calendar Joseph Conte on 9 December in view of the European Council; on Friday he will be the minister of the Economy Robert Gualtieri to report on State-saving fund; then after the Christmas break the Government will launch a fifth refreshment decree and will ask for a new budget variance.

Beyond the tests in Parliament, the majority will have to quickly untie the knots on the table, from the choice of health commissioner in Calabria(there is the hypothesis of the current coordinator of the Miozzo technical-scientific committee) to the structure of the control room on the Recovery plan that the Democratic Party would like to be held by the Mef and not by Palazzo Chigi. Fibrillation also grows in the 5 star movement: today the deputies who voted no in the referendum have been suspended (among the names that of Lapia and Colletti) but the same provision could also affect some senators who have moved in the same direction.

The Government redesigns constituencies

The Government has passed the legislative decree that redesigns the constituencies in the event of a return to the polls. With the ok of referendum on the cut to parliamentarians and the subsequent promulgation of the law by the head of state Sergio Mattarella, the executive of Joseph Conte he had 60 days to fix i constituencies after the decrease of deputies and senators from 945 to 600. In this way the Rosatellum, in other words, one could go and vote as soon as the decree is converted into law. “The Government – announced the minister for relations with Parliament Federico D'Incà – fully adopted the proposal of the Technical Commission, without exercising any form of political discretion because it is necessary to ensure maximum neutrality in the territorial delineation of the constituencies. The timely adoption of the legislative decree represents a necessary constitutional fulfillment pending its approval new electoral reform before the Houses". The purely technical question irremediably borders on the political one: in reality, one could also go and vote now with the current electoral law, but the political will is lacking. No one, nor the opposition, let alone the majority, intends to face a call to the polls in the midst of the pandemic, not to mention that for the parties that support the Conte government 2 the legislative pact, expiring in 2023, plans to carry out the most delicate task: to find the successor of Sergio Mattarella.

Another node is that of electoral law under discussion in the Chamber, where there is a serious impasse. In addition, the constitutional corrections, necessary for the Pd, to cut seats also seem to stagnate: the decrease in regional representatives for the election of the President of the Republic, the vote for 18 year olds and the change on a regional basis s in the Senate, all reforms that see distant positions at the table of comparison and which Italy alive has already announced plans to add the reform of the bicameral system and that of Title V. The confrontation should resume next week, with another meeting: either there will be progress, otherwise it will be the leaders who will have to unravel the skein. If the need to approve the Brescellum before the summer, the colleges decree will not arrive in Parliament before the new year: with the maneuver just hinged on Montecitorio, a series of decree laws under examination and to be dismissed (under penalty of forfeiture), the modification of the constituencies could arrive in one of the two Chambers not before January, when will open the Mattarella's white semester.

In the Senate

L'Senate assembly will meet again at 9.30 for the discussion of immediate response questions and the discussion of the report on budget variance.

As regards the Commissions, the Constitutional affairs it will hold hearings on the constitutional bill on the supremacy clause and some on the assigned deal relating to the most effective methods for exercising Parliament's constitutional prerogatives in the context of a declared emergency. There Balance, in meeting with the Finances, will examine the decree for the protection of health and the economic support measures connected to the COVID emergency, the so-called refreshment decree. There Public Works, With the'Industry, will examine the draft decree of the President of the Council of Ministers containing regulations for the identification of strategically important assets in the energy, transport and communications sectors. There Healthcare he will discuss the deal assigned on the initiatives to favor the return to normality of care and the recognition of the rights of cancer patients.

To the Chamber

The Hall of Room will meet again at 10.00 to discuss the report on the budget variance.

As regards the Commissions, the Constitutional affairs will examine the decree relating to urgent provisions on immigration, international and complementary protection, as well as measures relating to the prohibition of access to public establishments and places of public detention, to combat the distorted use of the web and to regulate the national Guarantor of the rights of persons deprived of their personal liberty. There Justice will discuss the pdl of delegation to the Government for the reform of the judicial system and for the adaptation of the military judicial system, as well as provisions on legal, organizational and disciplinary matters, on the eligibility and redeployment of magistrates and on the constitution and functioning of the Council superior of the judiciary, and on the bill relating to access to the legal profession. It will then examine the draft legislative decree on the European arrest warrant and surrender procedures between Member States, and the draft legislative decree on enhanced cooperation on the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO).

There Foreign, together with the respective Senate, will listen to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Louis DiMaio on the competence profiles contained in the bill containing the state budget for the financial year 2021 and the multi-year budget for the three-year period 2021-2023. There Budget Commission from 10.00 the debate on the budget law will continue. There Social Affairs will examine the decree-law for the relaunch of the health service of the Calabria region and for the renewal of the elected bodies of the regions with ordinary statute. There Agriculture will discuss the draft legislative decree for the production and marketing of vine propagating materials. Finally the Policies of the European Unionwill examine the European Law 2019-2020.

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