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The final approval by the Lazio Regional Council of the resolution establishing new criteria for the prescription of medicines is welcomed by Fimmg Lazio. According to the Italian Federation of regional family doctors, in fact, this establishes "greater responsibility in the prescription of medicines in the field of appropriateness, offering all NHS doctors the possibility of prescribing the right medicine for the right therapy". For Fimmg Lazio, "important innovations are represented by the involvement and responsibility of all prescribers of the NHS: family doctors, paediatricians of free choice and outpatient and hospital specialists. Furthermore, through the instrument of appropriateness, the right of the citizen to obtain the most suitable prescription for his problems has been reaffirmed, as we have expressed several times. The doctor is given the right to indicate, through a voluntary enhancement code, adherence of the prescription responding to predominantly clinical and not exclusively economic criteria", concludes the press release.

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