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Watch out for false mobility, compliant trade unions and unprepared RSUs

Dear colleagues, an interesting article entitled "Mobility extended to all production units" appeared in the Sole 24 ore Norme e Tributi of 24 January 2011 in recent days. Since the press review of newspapers and websites has been very rich lately, probably many of us will have only glanced at this interesting article, which may seem very technical and for specialists but which instead represents a milestone set by the Cassation on the explosion of the Mobility phenomenon.

On the other hand, the subject in question also affects us, scientific informants of the drug, very closely. In fact, in the past before, but most likely in the not too distant future, other mobilities will appear in our sector.

In particular, unlike the more union agreements signed so far in many companies in the pharmaceutical sector, such as Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Sanofi Aventis, MSD, Takeda, Wyeth, etc., etc., the sentence of the Cassation n. 22329 of 2010 states that: “The reasons that determine the situation of staff surplus in the context of mobility procedures must refer to the entire company complex. “

This means that it is not possible, as has so far been ignorantly and perhaps knowingly endorsed by some trade unions and RSUs, to activate any mobility procedures for specific branches or parts of companies. In particular, some glaring examples were the mobilizations carried out for product lines even when information methods were known by all concerning the same drug carried out by several lines that were only theoretically distinct.

All the more reason the idea present in some managers to propose surgical precision operations on some specific workers strongly clashes with this important sentence which, moreover, is also constant jurisprudence. In particular for the isfs whether they belong to one line of drugs rather than to another, since this subdivision is only theoretical, it really has an impact with this sentence. In fact, although they belong to so-called different lines, the ISFs still depend on a single manager for the scientific information service, a single manager for pharmacovigilance and other corporate structures which are also common and all carry out the same scientific information activity.

For these reasons, dear colleagues, open your eyes and ears when you hear talk of mobility in your company and before blindly delegating incapable trade union delegates or unprepared MSW colleagues

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