Health pact and Governance. The new leaders of the ISS have been appointed and 11 working tables convened

The Minister of Health, Giulia Cricket, proposed to Prime Minister Conte the new heads of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, the main technical-scientific body of the Ministry of Health. It's Silvio Brusaferro, former commissioner and ordinary of Hygiene in Udine, the new president, while the direction will go to Andrea petioles, head of ministerial inspectors and coming from Health Planning.

Grillo wished both "to inaugurate a new season of protagonism of the ISS". Brusaferro thanks "for the trust" and the experience of recent months and "for the great attention shown to the Institute by appointing Andrea Piccioli as General Manager, a high-profile professional with vast experience who I am sure will make a significant contribution to the management and in the enhancement of the Institute's activities”.

“I'm really happy – says Grillo – to be able to send President Conte my nomination proposal for the presidency of the ISS. I have chosen to continue the work started in January by Professor Silvio Brusaferro, as Commissioner of the Institute. His long experience in the public health of this country and the very high value of his scientific competence will be a guarantee of effectiveness, efficiency and absolute independence for the government of our most important scientific body.

The new director general of the Institute will be Andrea Piccioli, a specialist in orthopedics and traumatology, former head of inspectors at the Ministry of Health”.

Finally, the eleven working groups responsible for writing the 2019/2021 health pact were convened at the Ministry on 22 May: "All this in line with the strong will of the minister to give substance and speed to the work for the new text that will define the health policies for the next three years”.

The eleven working groups agreed are as follows:

1) Lea and Return Plans
2) Human Resources
3) Mobility
4) Supervised Bodies
5) Pharmaceutical and medical device governance
6) Investments
7) Structural networks of territorial social and health assistance
8) Supplementary Funds
9) Forecast Models
10) Research
11) Efficiency and appropriateness of use of production factors – 22 May 2019

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