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Pavia: ASL sanctions MMGs who do not prescribe online

More than one hundred family doctors have been fined by the Pavia ASL for not having transmitted online at least the 80% of the prescriptions, as required by the 2011 Lombard supplementary agreement. The company's intervention - as far as we know the first in the region with regard to data flow - was immediately censored by the provincial Snami, which speaks of anti-union behavior: a good part of the sanctioned MMGs, in fact, had joined the agitation organized by the autonomous union against the Siss (Information System health and social care). "The protest," he explains Salvatore Santacroce, president of Snami Pavia «provided for abstention from the SIS for le! recipes and the electronic transmission of only the certificates». Therefore fewer online prescriptions, but the ASL did not take into account the "white strike" and in any case started the sanctions: "And to some doctors" Santacroce points out "not only was the reduction of the 1.15% envisaged by the Acn, but the incentive for computerization has also been removed».
In reality, the ASL didn't just take it out on the MMGs who had joined the protest: as Snami himself admits, in fact, the fines would also have reached doctors not involved in the protest. Among which, even those doctors who have not managed to reach the minimum threshold for technical reasons: "Air excludes penalties for non-compliance due to connection problems, in any case we are ready to start a series of appeals".
But from Pavia the case could soon extend to other provinces of the region. 'I'm afraid it makes us! We'll pay the bill already with the September slips» he warns Robert Carlo Rossi, president of Snami Lombardia «the system continues not to work properly and it is unlikely that the doctors have exceeded the required threshold. We believe
it is unacceptable that for problems beyond their control, GPs should be punished".

September 26, 2012 – DoctorNews33


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