2015 exodus pensions: discussion still open, new interventions are awaited

Another 49,000 expatriates await concrete answers from the executive. Probable interventions for exodus workers, further proposals will be reviewed on Wednesday.

Risultati immagini per esodati ultime notizieThe problem exodus it's still not fully resolved. It's six o'clocksafeguard measures approved so far that have served to protect approx 170 thousand exodus, or that category of workers who, due to the introduction of the Fornero Law, have been left without social security coverage despite having lost their jobs. Despite the six protective measures, another 49,000 redundancies await concrete answers from the executive which is still reflecting on the changes to be made to the Fornero reform in the next Stability Law. In recent days, the exponents of the Maria Luisa Gnecchi Democratic Party and the President of the Labor Commission in the Chamber, have proposed a seventh safeguard measure, urging the Government for a rapid resolution of the problem.

As reported on the "Pensioni Oggi" portal, the Labor Commission in the Senate has created a Exodus Committee which will launch as soon as possible an "online" census of people who, following the approval of the rules introduced in the Monti Government's Save Italy Decree, have been left without any form of income and have not been able to benefit from pension treatment.

With the reopening of the exodus chapter, the circle could close. In fact, next Wednesday the Esodati subcommittee led by the deputy of the Pd Anna Maria Parente, will meet the Network of Exemption Committees in the Senate to discuss the interventions to be implemented to guarantee a future pension for about22,000 exodus left out of the previous safeguards. There are approximately 6,100 workers terminated following agreements or unilaterally, 1,700 workers on leave, 800 workers in a state of mobility, approximately 1,200 workers terminated for an indefinite period and 12,000 workers authorized to continue voluntarily. To remember it is the deputy of the Pd Maria Luisa Gnecchi which already in recent days has shown itself in favor of a seventh protective measure.

Pensions / Esodati, here is the letter that certifies the safeguard

Saturday, 07 March 2015 – Written by Eleonora Accorsi –

Risultati immagini per esodati ultime notizieThe social security institution is sending the communications certifying the right to benefit from the safeguard pursuant to the law 147/2014.

Letters of certification are coming as part of the sixth safeguard. After a long wait, some categories of workers who had applied for access to benefits received confirmation that they could present the pension application as they were included in the ranking drawn up by INPS.

The communication concerns, as indicated in the INPS message 9924/2014, primarily those who had been excluded from the fourth safeguard due to the exhaustion of the relative ceiling, i.e. the workers who have used the leave and care leave to disabled people during 2011 and who accrued a pension right, with the old legislation, after 31 October 2012. We have news that the letters sent also concern the other categories of workers who are beneficiaries of the law 147/2014, such as those authorized to volunteer and terminated from service.

In the letter, INPS indicates the first date of effective date useful and formulates an invitation to present the pension application within the month preceding the effective date. Here is a Facsimile of the Letter confirming the possibility of accessing the pension in derogation from the Fornero Regulations.

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Ed.: a Colleague exodus, and not cured, asks us for information on this topic. The article published above is meant to be a clarification for those who are still in this absurd situation

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