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Pensions: graduation redemption, the new threshold of 40 effective years to be able to leave

ROMA – The government tightens the pension tap with 40 years of contributions. Until now, workers with 40 years of payouts had managed to escape all major pension reforms, meaning they could continue to retire without needing to reach a minimum age. This remains. From 2012, however, 40 years of effective work will be needed, net of the redemption of the degree and military service.

In reality, this category had undergone a first tightening last year running into, like the rest of the workers, both the "mobile window", which delays retirement by one year from the achievement of the requirements, and the automatic adjustment to life expectancy (three months more in the first instance and then other adjustments every three years). Until now, however, not only the actual years of work could be claimed, but also the redemption of the degree and military service. In some cases even less than 30 years of work could be enough to add up the years of the degree course, those of specialization and military service to accrue the right. With the change that will be made to the decree of August 13, this will no longer be possible. To retire regardless of age, you must have at least 40 years of effective work behind you (for those who retire even with the age requirement, nothing changes).

And who redeemed the degree, often paying a lot? The annuities redeemed, states the press release from the Prime Minister's Office, will continue to be useful for calculating the pension. In practice, the worker would leave after 40 years of work but the pension would be calculated on all the contributions paid and therefore, in the case of the redemption of a normal degree course, on 44 years. This will certainly be possible for those who started working after 1995 and have their pension calculated entirely with the contributory method and for those who had less than 18 years of payments in 1995 and have the allowance calculated with the mixed system (salary up to that moment and contributory for subsequent years). It shouldn't apply to those who still retire with the r

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