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Porticoes (NA). Covid outbreak in the rest home. Two victims. Solidarity of pharmacists and ISF

In the town in the province of Naples, an outbreak had emerged in recent days with 57 coronavirus positives, 41 patients and 16 employees, of the Pio XII rest home in Portici: two elderly people who were staying at the facility unfortunately died

However, only one of the victims, a 95-year-old woman, had been infected by Sars-Cov-2, while the other, an elderly man, despite not having contracted the virus, had nevertheless been hospitalized due to the onset of some pathologies.

The deceased elderly woman tested negative at the first screening carried out following the discovery of the first positive case in the nursing home. Unfortunately, even in this case, it would have been the non-optimal health conditions that caused his death.

Following the heartfelt appeal of Dr. Antonio Colin, geriatrician of the RSA, [in the photo on the right] a solidarity competition has begun. Dr. Colin writes: “And so a chain of solidarity has been activated involving pharmaceutical companies and drug informants, for the free supply of energy supplements, multivitamins, immune stimulants and metabolic activators.

The products were taken to the Elderly Assistance-RSA of Portici and the undersigned proceeded to deliver them (with due caution) to the Pius XII InstituteIn general it is correct that solidarity is silent, but it would have been important for the institutions to give a minimum resonance to this solidarity of pharmaceutical companies and drug sales representatives.

The friends and drug informants, continues Dr. Colin, they heard the cry for help from the structure and moved. Behind drug informants are lives, families, dreams, difficulties, fears, market cruelty, feelings, tiring days, in short, there is a whole world that I encounter and glimpse at every interview.

And it was this human world that responded to my request.
For the sake of completeness, I must also thank the interest of some other figures, such as a municipal councilor, a colleague of General Medicine and some pharmacist friends“.

City councilor Ornella Pasqua said: “There is really a lot of solidarity that has developed in recent days from informants and pharmaceutical companies around the story of the residence for the elderly in our city affected by this cursed virus. Our thanks to them“.

For our part, our heartfelt thanks to these ISF who with their gesture have honored the whole category and a heartfelt thanks also to dr. Colin for the nice words and appreciation towards us.

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