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professional day. Bianco (Fnomceo): "Without ethics, the country is like a large supermarket"

"If deontological principles are not given space in the rules for professions, the country is transformed into a large supermarket". The president of Fnomceo, Amedeo Bianco, is convinced of this, for whom "a long training course, updating and ethics are the identifying traits of the professions.

01 MAR – The Central Committee of Fnomceo, meeting in Rome, participated this morning in the celebration of Professional Day through an audiovisual link. A way to reiterate that doctors and dentists feel part of the large family of professions, with which they feel they share many "identity traits", as Amedeo Bianco explains in this interview with Health newspaper.

President Bianco, what do the professions that met today on Professional Day have in common? Is it a "cartel" to protect itself from liberalization or is there something more?
I believe that the intellectual professions have a common DNA: long training, continuous updating and ethical rules to be respected in professional practice. These are the characteristics that identify a professional, regardless of the methods of organization of work in which he operates, whether he is an employee, a freelancer or otherwise.

But is it possible to combine ethics and the free market?
Of course, sometimes it is not easy to combine market rules with professional practice, but in the end I believe that there is no antagonism between deontological principles and market rules and that the modernization of professional services passes precisely through a responsible synthesis of these values.

Explain to us better. Is a professional on the market like any commercial enterprise?
Not really, he fits in as a professional and therefore with his ethical and deontological baggage. If the ethical principles that remind professionals to their civil and social values are not included in the market rules on advertising, on tariffs, on the obligation to quote, there is the risk of transforming our country into a large supermarket where resources are squandered and consumption expands. A real risk for us professionals, but above all for citizens.


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