Lombardy region. The procedure for joining the ISF vaccination has been activated

Inclusion of Scientific Representatives in the categories of workers with priority access to the anticovid19 vaccination

With satisfaction we publish this communication from the AIISF colleagues of Bergamo, Brescia and Varese. This result was achieved thanks to their tireless commitment to the whole category and beyond, which allowed them to be recognized as credible and reliable interlocutors. We thank the head of the anticovid vaccination campaign of the Lombardy Region, Dr. Giacomo Lucchini, for sharing this journey.

Following the agreements between Fedaiisf Lombardia and the Lombardy Region, which led to the inclusion of Scientific Representatives in the categories of workers with priority access to anti-vid19 vaccination, we inform you that the procedure for joining the expression of interest in vaccination is as follows:

We would like to thank the Lombardy Region in the person of Dr. Ida Fortino, who has shown attention to the reasons that led to this decision. A big thank you also to Dr. Cristian Ferraris of Assolombarda who, with his technical skills and his open availability, has allowed a simple and safe method of collecting accessions, in order to allow adequate planning of the vaccination campaign of Lombard informants.

Confindustria Lombardia Sanità Servizi has activated a collaboration with the Lombardy Region and the regional health system to collect the adhesion of the professional categories of drug sales representatives and medical device technicians to undergo the Covid-19 vaccination process.

Therefore the aforementioned professional operators who are interested in undergoing the vaccination can fill out the format that can be activated from the following link

The data will be collected by Confindustria Lombardia Sanità Servizi and transmitted to the Region which will take care of contacting the interested parties to activate the vaccination process.


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