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On Saturday 7 February 2008, at 10.00, at the Don Bosco Salesian Institute in Caltanissetta, the AIISF Regional Council met under the presidency of Giuseppe Caristi to discuss the following topic on the Agenda: Social commitment, politician and union member of the AIISF
The meeting was attended by: the National Councilor Renato Cassone, the regional vice president Nino Tilotta, Pietro Ebbreo representing the provincial section of Trapani, Angelo Passini and Patrizio Mondì representing the provincial section of Messina and Giuseppe Marino of the provincial section of Syracuse, who secretary.
The discussion is opened by the regional president Giuseppe Caristi who reconfirms the role of the association, centered on an ethical structure that promotes knowledge of the drug, legal, trade union and cultural activity, tasked with "forming opinions" with colleagues and institutions .

During the meeting, colleagues Passini and Ebbreo reported on their involvement, and that of other ISFs, in union activities within the FEMCA-CISL of Messina and the CGIL of Trapani, indicating the opportunity to undertake stable relations between the AIISF and the most representative Trade Union Organizations (OO.SS.), given that when they were called to protect the interests of scientific representatives, they almost always did so without knowing them.

About relations with the trade unions more representative Colleague Marino of the Syracuse section expresses reservations by pointing out that the attitude of the triple, so far, has absolutely not protected scientific informants. It is well known that with the endorsement of the aforementioned Trade Unions, thousands of ISFs have been victims of pseudo-transfers of company branches and have been placed on redundancy fund without respecting the criteria inherent to the integrable cause. But there is more, thousands of ISF are or will be relegated to mobility thanks to the agreements undertaken by the same trade unions. with multinationals, agreements surprisingly granted also in anticipation of a hypothetical "future" drop in turnover. In this regard, the National Councilor Renato Cassone intervenes on the opportunity of founding an independent trade union of scientific representatives, asking the CISAL (Italian Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions) to grant him the necessary representativeness.

Furthermore, colleagues Cassone and Tilotta denounce the non-application of the regional regulation on scientific information, issued two years ago. In fact, the non-compliance with the number of visits to doctors and the non-compliance with the rule that provides for the support of area managers, etc. is striking. The same propose that the hearing of an AIISF representative at the appropriate regional health commission be requested in order to bring everything back into a context of legality.

Regarding the regional regulation of scientific information on the drug adopted by Sicily and other Italian regions, the regional council also highlights a paradox with the bitter taste of mockery, now briefly reported. The vast majority of pharmaceutical companies have not complied with the regional regulation of scientific drug information. Cynically, however, at the right moment, he did it precisely to indicate one of the main reasons

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