Sandoz moves production to Asia

Councilor Spinelli: "Lightning from the blue"

“The Province is ready to do its part” is how the Councilor for the Economy comments on the unexpected news of the drastic reduction in production in Rovereto.

TRENTOTODAY – 15 March 2019

We are concerned, but at the same time determined to deal with the situation promptly and with maximum commitment". Thus the provincial councilor for economic development and employment, Achille Spinelli, comments on the news, released today by a local newspaper, according to which Sandoz of Rovereto, an industry that produces generic drugs, will move a major part of its production.

“A bolt from the blue – said Spinelli – which would have a negative impact from an employment point of view on an area, that of Rovereto, affected by other corporate crises. We have already made contact with the company administrators and the trade union forces and will set up a meeting as soon as possible, first of all to understand the true extent of the situation and then to implement the appropriate solutions that can guarantee workers. We will use all the tools at our disposal."

Editor's note: 250 people work at Sandoz in Rovereto

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