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Healthcare, waste on hospitalizations: canteen, waste, laundry

The new indictment against the Region of the Formigoni era arrives almost out of time, with the junta nullified and the council close to dismissal. Prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano warned yesterday of the closure of the preliminary investigations fifteen people: among these are the outgoing group leader of the PDL Paolo Valentini, the former councilor Giulio Boscagli, and the director general of regional health Carlo Lucchina. Bidding rigging and corruption are the indictment titles that Siciliano formulates for a story of regional contracts linked to the hospital world: the supply of content for TV screens placed in hospitals, and the insurance brokerage of some entities.
The investigation started from a complaint by a member of the majority, the Lecco Northern League Stefano Galli: who is now in turn under investigation in another investigation, the one on the cheerful reimbursements of the Pirellone councilors, where he is accused of having also recorded expenses for his daughter's wedding banquet. A few years ago Galli had told the carabinieri that he had been contacted by the entrepreneur Alberto Uva, who had promised him 15 thousand euros (but the total could reach 400 thousand) to release the assignment to his company without a tender. At the second meeting Galli had presented himself with a bugging device. And the investigation had started from the interceptions.
In its initial phase, the investigation had also involved the journalist Oscar Giannino, who was supposed to be the editorial director of the closed circuit TV: but the Prosecutor's Office was convinced of his extraneousness to the affair.

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