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The daily health information of the 03/07/2008



Sanità News is SOCITEL's information body.

A modern newsletter dedicated to medical-scientific health information, attentive to the economic and social aspects of health care, to the evolution of the pharmaceutical sector, to news coming from researchers, to the point of view of associations that gravitate in the world of health care.

News and events are mostly reported directly by the communication and press offices of public and private health institutions and companies with which it is intended to create an ongoing relationship of collaboration and exchange.

The goal that Sanitanews sets itself is to guide readers in the sea of medical-scientific news that invades the web and other mass media, very often not supported by solid scientific foundations. In a short time it will be possible to have a comprehensive overview of the hot topics at the center of the national and international health debate.

Sanitanews is aimed at all those who work in the health field and those who are interested in learning more about scientific, social and economic issues related to health. Know and get to know each other to improve your professional knowledge.

The newsletter, which is easy and immediate to consult, is divided into four sections dedicated respectively to public health, private health, medicine and drugs.

Further spaces are reserved for interviews and biographies of the personalities linked to the news reported and the reviews of books of interest to the community of readers. www.sanitanews.it

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