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Sardinia: pharmaceutical expenditure falls

«In Sardinia, gross pharmaceutical expenditure (as opposed to net expenditure, down by 3.7%) is increasing, but it must be considered that our Region, together with 4 other Regions, does not charge the co-payment on prescriptions which affects expenditure gross between 13% and 15.2%. If these percentages were added to the expenditure of the so-called virtuous Regions, then their expenditure would grow, effectively lowering the savings counted. And at the same time, if we add, for example, the 2 euro ticket for Sardinian prescriptions (out of 30 million packs of medicines), we would total about 40/50 million (excluding exemptions) which would have to be subtracted from the cost of Federfarma dossier». This is what the Sardinia Region Health Department explains in a note regarding the data on pharmaceutical expenditure processed by Federfarma.

In 2012, hospital expenditure on the island saw a significant reduction compared to the period 2008-2011, with a decrease of around 40 million euros compared to 2011 (from 194 million to 151 million euros). Furthermore, as demonstrated by the data for the first quarter of 2013, Sardinia is experiencing a trend reversal, i.e. a significant decrease in territorial pharmaceutical expenditure, which stands at -8.5% compared to 2012. A significant figure if we consider that the national average stops at – 4.5%.

This result also derives from the implementation of the agreement between the Region and Federfarma Sardegna, in force since 1 January, for the reduction of the remuneration reserved for pharmacies that distribute certain medicines distributed on behalf (Dpc), i.e. purchased by the local health authorities but sold in pharmacies throughout the island.

"As regards the increase in prescriptions - explains the councilor - this is due to the fact that the average age of the population has grown significantly and there is greater recourse to dehospitalization, as well as the limitation of prescriptions".

21 May 2013  – healthdesk





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