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Scilipoti. Roche: 1 billion turnover but 75 employees at risk


                                                                                                        Hon. Scilipoti


Rome, 11/12/2010. The Hon. Scilipoti (IdV), with regard to the transfer of a branch of the company that Roche is preparing to make, declares as follows: "It is worrying that workers who have given all their commitment and professionalism to this company for many years, are, with a targeted and specious selection, inserted into a line, with a trick defined as a branch of the company, when, in reality, the only objective is to eliminate personnel  possibly unwelcome". “It would look like ethnic cleansing! To think that, in December 2009 – continues the deputy of Italia dei Valori –  Roche Italia celebrated with all its employees the achievement of a great goal: 1 billion euros in turnover. Reiterating that the role of the ISF is to bring the necessary knowledge on drugs to the entire medical profession to protect the health of citizens, it is intolerable that Big Pharma identifies the doctor only on the basis of his prescriptive potential - concludes the Hon. Scilipoti (IdV) - neglecting or ignoring doctors who are not relevant in terms of sales".


Dr. Giuseppe Cuschera

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Hon. Dr. Domenico Scilipoti


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