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Strike, doctors sharpen their weapons

  In view of next Monday's national demonstration, the unions of the medical management reiterate their discontent with a poster
Doctors are starting to "sharpen their weapons" in view of the national strike against the economic maneuver, scheduled for next Monday. The NHS medical management unions have created a poster in which they clearly reiterate their discontent and dissent: "We're not here." The poster, which Anaao Assomed publishes on its website, briefly explains the main reasons for the doctors' no to the maneuver which - according to the white coats - "affects citizens, public health and all NHS workers". poster, in addition to announcing the initiatives of Monday 19 (the national strike and a sit-in at noon in Piazza Montecitorio in Rome), invites all white coats to defend the right to health of citizens and the dignity of the work of doctors. The protest leaflet is signed by: Anaao Assomed; Cimo Asmd; Aaroi Emac; Fp Cgil doctors; fvm; Fassid; fesmed; Anpo-Ascoti; medical vials; Sds Snabi; Aupi; sinaphus; Healthcare provider; Sidirss.

DoctorNews – 13 July 2010 – Year 8, Number 128

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