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Sigma-Tau. The agreed hypothesis is not liked by integrated cashiers


Between enthusiasm and discontent: so the day after the hypothesis of an agreement between Sigma Tau and the trade unions Filctem-Cgil, Femca-Cisl, Uilcem and Uil. But the workers, after an initial moment in which they thought that their problems could finally be solved, made other considerations. "We don't understand why certain newspapers made headlines writing that all 569 employees were safe: this agreement seems like a big joke, especially towards those who remained outside the company gates for 40 days to represent their protest against layoffs". This is the voice of the Sigma Tau workers. During this morning's meeting, the response given to the RSUs was certainly neither compact nor enthusiastic. On the contrary, doubts and perplexities have been raised about the hypothetical concessions made by the company's owners. The expected vote did not take place and the meeting was adjourned on Monday, with the presidium still active. “The industrial plan, which should have already been discussed, will not be presented before October – the employees on duty in front of the plant explained this morning – not to mention that no clarity has been made on the mobility procedures. There was no mention of figures or any advantages: does this mean that they could send us on the move for a thousand euros?”. Another sore point is CGIS. “To date, the Lazio Region has not recognized the redundancy fund for Sigma Tau. And, given all the elements that have emerged in recent days, there is a serious possibility that it will not be granted, at least as requested. If so, what will happen to all those who have been suspended from work? No guarantee has been given for the future: those who are out stay out, despite the talk of rotation, so why say that the 569 employees were safe? Perhaps the only one to gain from this agreement is the company, now exhausted by the blockade we are implementing. But giving in now would be a very serious mistake: it is certainly not the 350 euros of wage integration, money also taken from our severance indemnity, that solve our problems". “It must be clear – reiterates an employee – that Sigma Tau is a healthy company, not in crisis. Otherwise, how can you explain the purchase of Ezon Pharmaceuticals by Sigma Tau Finanziaria for 218 million euros? We ask Minister Corrado Passera: who better than him, a former banker of Banca Intesa, who has the 5% of Sigma Tau Finanziaria, can know the real accounts of the company?”. Absurdly, the only effect obtained from the hypothesis of agreement is a certain division among the workers. There are those who say that this is better than nothing, and those who argue that of all the requests made, not one has been accepted. The weekend will therefore be decisive, during which employees will have to think carefully about whether they will have to vote yes or no on Monday during the assembly.

February 24, 2012

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