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Sigma Tau, between parties and trade unions

At Sigma Tau, the forms of protest have ceased, but certainly not the requests for attention. Today the trade unions issued a press release in which they ask the company to respect the signed agreement, making it concrete in a calendar of meetings. “In a dramatic situation like the one created by the decisions taken by the Company – declare the trade unions. – the Union believes that it has provided tools to deal with it better with the proposed agreement submitted for consultation. We have assumed our responsibilities; however, we demand the same attitude from the other side of the table as well”. And to do that, you need to know who to talk to. “It is therefore necessary – the unions continue – that the Company immediately indicates a reliable interlocutor, with a full mandate, relational skills to deal with both general and organizational issues and daily emergencies. The comparison method to be used in this phase is not secondary; you have to be consistent with what has been discussed and everything written cannot remain on paper. For this reason, today no one can walk out and it is necessary, as already requested by the RSU, that a calendar of meetings be immediately formalized on all the topics discussed. It takes priority to clarify the methods that the Company intends to implement for outsourcing operations".

Meanwhile Rifondazione Comunista – Federation of the Left renews its support for workers. "After 45 days the "Pala-Tau" closes, this is the name that the workers gave to the structure that the PRC_Federation of the Left has assembled on the company square, to support them in the fight that began on January 17, we have been there with them from day one - the volunteers always present on the square recall - We prepared hot meals, discussed policies on their specific situation but also on national topics. It was a political but also a human meeting not only with the workers but also with their trade union representatives. There have been many days, even under the snow, it is heartbreaking to witness the destruction of human lives, because this means losing one's job, an ending already written in the historical period which is dismantling every right acquired in the name of profit. It was an experience of great political teaching, a test in the field, a lesson on the workers' struggle and on union struggles, which has the flavor of other times, but which is instead very topical. A ferocious attack on work and workers is being perpetrated, there is even a desire to abolish Art. 18. For some years now, companies that are not in crisis have been bankrupting their employees and relocating them to tax havens”. The PRC_Federazione della Sinistra widens the view on the entire Pometo area. “Pomezia, one of the most important industrial centers in the Lazio Region, has been fully involved in this serious crisis: Playtex, Casa Mercato, Herla, Emmelunga Aiazzone, just to mention a few disputes. Our party has always stood by the workers, this is how we conceive politics, with concrete actions, the defense of work and workers passes through solidarity and support for their struggles, this is how we practice politics ". Finally, the party stresses its fears. "On March 15, the workers democratically voted for an agreement, 828 yes and 343 no, and they were

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