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Union statement

The redundancies declared by pharmaceutical companies, even during this period which calls for a greater sense of responsibility on the part of companies and trade union organizations (OOSS), prove once again to what extent some pharmaceutical companies exploit the National Health System and unleash their unbridled aggression on public resources on society in order to achieve ever-increasing turnover and increasingly copious stock options.

For years, the Unions have accepted and promoted the transfer of business units and contract transfers participating in convincing the ISF also through specific assemblies, to accept the move to Marvecsfarma and X-Pharma, as well as they have accepted that all the ISFs belonging to a line were fired by signing agreements in which they agreed with the company, together with the RSU, the infungibility of the ISF and therefore the non possible use of the ISFs of a line in another line of the same company because ISFs with different professional skills.

The signing of agreements which have allowed pharmaceutical companies to lay off 15,000 ISFs in the last 5 years has yielded to the OOSS signatories of the agreements thousands of union cards, some paid directly by the companies (ISF Merck-XPharma declaration) and transaction fees paid by the ISF from 170 to 1,500 € for each ISF who renounced to appeal to court against the company and no longer have anything else to claim.

The sentence issued in favor of the ISF Carnovale (Labour Court of Milan, Avv. Prof. Antonio Pileggi) shows that the

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