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Spain, in 2 years -15% sales for 95% companies

The 95% of pharmaceutical companies operating in Spain ensures that their sales have decreased by an average of 15% in the last two years, following the government interventions to reduce healthcare costs implemented since 2010. However, companies are still eager to stay on the Iberian market and are implementing a series of strategies that allow them to do so.

This is what emerges from a Europa Press survey. As short-medium term measures, the companies aim to restore price margins (86% of the interviewees), to strengthen the regulatory environment (75%) and to reduce costs and infrastructures (56%). Looking longer term, the survey also finds that the 71% of companies are looking to grow through portfolios of better products, with an emphasis on research and development; 58% is seeking to sell its non-strategic subsidiaries; the 54% has plans to increase both pricing and production volume. Finally, the 50% is considering strategic partnerships and joint ventures with a Spanish or multinational partner.

According to Business Monitor International reveals that for the full year 2012 pharmaceutical sales in Spain will increase from 20.15 billion euros in 2011 to 18.34 billion.

Barbara Di Chiara– February 15, 2013 – PharmaKronos


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