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Swiss. Novartis, accepted the proposals of the BoD

With its patent expired, sildenafil (Viagra) has since Saturday entered pharmacies as a generic medicine at a price even lower than 75%, compared to its originator, the famous blue pill. And it is precisely on the price that generic companies seem to move with different policies. If on the one hand, Pfizer itself, the originator's producer, has decided to enter the market with its own generic and the generic producers have aligned themselves with a price cut that stops at 20-25% less, on the other hand there is an unexpected policy adopted by an Italian company, Doc Generici: -60% on the price of four 50 mg tablets and -75% on the 25 mg one. "We chose to drastically cut the price to be closer to the patient," he explains Massimo Sgrafetto, sales and marketing director of Doc Generici "Ours is a strategy" he adds "designed to facilitate access to therapy, but also to prevent patients from turning to illegal channels, to obtain the drug at a lower price but with the risk of possible counterfeiting. Furthermore, it is also an invitation, and a wish, addressed to AIFA so that, in the face of lower prices, it takes into consideration the reimbursement of the drug also for heart disease and diabetic patients and not only for medullolesi".

June 24, 2013 – DoctorNews33

Female Viagra, the blue pill for women since 2016?

June 23, 2013  

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