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Increasingly expensive tickets undermine the sustainability of the system

With the continuous increase in tickets, it is more and more convenient to turn to private individuals: the paradox emerges from a survey published in Panorama, full of figures and comparisons. Among the many examples, we mention the cost of a very common test, that of cholesterol and triglyceride levels, for which in Campania the rate of a private individual is around 11 euros, while in the ASL the patient who does not have exemptions must pay a 10 euro ticket and add another 10 for the prescription. In these calculations it is good to specify the Region, in fact, this phenomenon varies throughout the country and is more evident in the central-south, where sometimes it is the same directors of the analysis laboratories who invite patients not to use prescriptions. In Lazio, according to a report by the National Health Agency, the portion of services that has moved towards the out of pocket is significant, especially since, in 2011, the Tremonti maneuver introduced the additional contribution of 10 euros. "One wonders whether the presence of a large share of paid services shouldn't be read as a weakening of the guarantee levels of essential services", wrote Agenas a few years ago in a report on out of pocket. And in fact now it is the Patients' Rights Tribunal that reports difficulties in accessing services, while the Italian Federation of General Practitioners (Fimmg) believes the sustainability of the national health system is at risk. And there are already those who are thinking about eliminating the ticket system. During the electoral campaign he had been the secretary of the Democratic Party, Pier Luigi Bersani, to propose the abolition of the ticket on specialist visits, while the Ministry of Health had hypothesized to resort to a mechanism that involves the payment of the citizen up to a maximum ceiling, commensurate with income. However, the solutions are judged difficult to implement by Mario Del Vecchio, director of the Observatory on private consumption in healthcare at the Bocconi University.

01 March 2013 – DoctorNews33

White (PD): "I don't know if it can be done, but every gesture of solidarity must be supported"

28 FEB“Any intervention in support of the patient can only find me in agreement”. Thus Amedeo Bianco, president of Fnomceo and newly elected senator of the Democratic Party, comments on the hypothesis

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