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Electronic prescription: the new instructions for prescribing the active ingredient


Active ingredient prescription. Updated ministry guidelines on electronic prescription

The Health Card Portal has published theupdate of the Guidelines for the adjustment of the IT procedures of the electronic prescription after the entry into force of the obligation to indicate the active ingredient in the prescription introduced with the Spending review. The new features will start on March 15th.

01 MAR – The document, reports the Ministry of Health in a note, provides new indications for the adaptation of IT systems by doctors, pharmacies and authorized Regions, for the purpose of completing the online prescription and transmitting the related data.

The text was drawn up taking into account the work of the Technical Table set up at the Ministry of Health, with the support of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which manages the Healthcare Card system, and of Sogei.

The new features will be made available by the Health Card system from 15 March 2013, also for the "web recipe" application. While waiting for all the computer systems to be adapted, starting from that date a specific message will signal any inconsistency if the data sent by doctors and pharmacists do not comply with the methods indicated in the Guidelines. In any case, this will not preclude the acquisition of the recipes to the TS system.

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economy and Finance will carry out periodic monitoring, in order to detect the gradual adaptation of the IT systems by the prescribers and providers to the procedures contained

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