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Turco and future hospitals

The hospital of the future will be on a human scale
“The ideal structure has medium dimensions, is more manageable and close to the patient”
The Italian hospital of the future will be 'on a human scale'. Neither too big nor too small, but with "average dimensions to make it more human and to be able to better control it from the point of view of efficiency and waste". This is the 'photograph' of the ideal health facility according to the Minister of Health, Livia Turco, who spoke this morning on the 'Article 32' broadcast of Gr Parlamento.
According to the minister, therefore, in Italy "the hospital model needs to be rethought". Surely, recalls the head of Italian health, "it is necessary to put a hand on hospitals also from the hotel point of view. Above all, we need a more modern hospital network, because many hospitals are old - he underlines - and we need a modernization process that we have already started by allocating, not surprisingly, a chapter of expenditure (pursuant to article 20) precisely for this purpose ".
But the 'our home' hospital also needs to be redesigned. “First of all – believes Turco – it is necessary to spread the emergency and urgency functions on the territory, in order to make these services closer and more accessible to citizens. Second, it is necessary to build the high specialty and ensure that it is online. Thirdly, the medium size in which I strongly believe”.
Finally, another 'dream in the drawer' is the "hospital at home". In fact, Italian healthcare must have two pillars integrated between the hospital and the territory, while for now there is only one and that is the hospital. In short, “I think that Italian healthcare needs to be improved – concludes the minister – The most acute shortage is above all in the South. But I wouldn't want to 'cross' the South, because there are also points of excellence and I think the stereotype of medical malpractice should be avoided. It's right to go and identify what doesn't work in order to really improve it, but we also need to talk about good health care, otherwise citizens will get discouraged".
From Doctornews 05-09-06

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