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We learn from reliable sources, the news that UCB Pharma has ordered the mobility of 189 colleagues.
The operation is part of a worldwide industrial plan involving 2,000 employees.

As of today, UCB Pharma has mobilized 189 people: 12 internal and 177 external, practically all primary care. UCB states that the operation is part of an industrial plan of the entire UCB group and affects 2,000 people worldwide. This is due to the non-approval, the UCB always says, by the regulatory authorities, of the placing on the market in Europe and the United States of some drugs on which it was counting. In Italy then there is a contraction in sales, aggravated by the expiry of 2 patents (distributed by Primary Care), aggravated by the measures to contain pharmaceutical expenditure and by generics. All with the further aggravation of the growing pressure from AIFA and from the Regions which limit the activity of scientific information. These facts, declares the UCB, impose an immediate reduction of fixed costs. UCB Italia therefore intends to proceed with a structural reorganization according to the directives of the parent company. UCB declares its willingness to consider possible incentives and an outplacement project for those who request it. The collective redundancy must be completed within 120 days. rb

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