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A big pharma for two brothers

If they decided to sell everything they would be spoiled for choice of buyer: one of the global big pharma. To cash a check that could amount to several billion euros.

But anyone who knows the Aleotti brothers, Lucia and Alberto Giovanni, 46 and 40 years old, at the helm of the pharmaceutical empire of the Menarini family in the Florence headquarters for a few months, knows well that the hypothesis is only theoretical. For a variety of reasons. Meanwhile, Menarini, a colossus that has reached a turnover of more than 3 billion with 16,000 employees, most of them abroad, grinds revenues and above all profits, thanks to a well-oiled mechanism, with a solid balance between ethical and counter, between the products resulting from its own research and those linked to international licences. All hinged on a network of scientific representatives duplicated abroad that the drug multinationals envy the Florentine group. A war machine organized in detail by the patriarch, Alberto, 89, still president but now little present in the company due to health problems.

And precisely out of respect for their father, the Aleotti brothers, who are also very close to each other (Lucia is vice-president and Alberto Giovanni councilor, but should soon receive other powers), do not want to get off the ship, but rather continue on the route of expansion abroad. Thanks also to a tested crew with two commanders, the general managers Domenico Simone for the operational part and Pietro Giovanni Corsa for the financial one.


The former is mainly committed to capitalizing on the latest acquisition, Invida of Singapore, snatched from the world of international private equity on the eve of a possible IPO and listing on the Stock Exchange of what would like to become Menarini's Trojan horse in the Far East . In particular in 13 rapidly growing countries, from Indonesia to China, the ideal market for Invida's product portfolio and above all an important basin for distributing the drugs of the parent company, famous in Italy for widely used products such as VivinC and Fastum gel but also known for medicines for diabetes, high blood pressure and antibiotics. Simone has already started the procedures for national authorizations for the production and sale of consolidated medicines in Europe and for preparing the first staff destined to set up a network of scientific representatives targeted for individual markets and respecting local customs and traditions in terms of hospital medicine and of the territory. «We aim to reach 1 billion in revenues by 2016 against 150 million today»

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