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A Chinese woman keeps 100,000 cockroaches in her home

 When we find even one of those unloved cockroaches in our house, we immediately cry out to the scandal, and we are not even able to sleep if we have not made sure that we have done it properly. But from a single cockroach, to conserving as many as 100,000 what is the fundamental step? A lot of courage, a very normal habit that matures over time?

Because the Chinese woman I'm about to tell you about uses her home to shelter a colony of about 100,000 cockroaches. And the woman calls them "my children", although these "children" of hers constitute a very lucrative business for her: in fact, she raises them with great care, not feeling any slightest disgust from contact with these cockroaches, but not even from being separated, because she then sells them to a pharmaceutical company that uses them for the development of new medicines.
"They are all my children, my children." She insists on repeating to anyone who asks her what her relationship is with her 100,000 cockroaches.
His cockroaches are all strictly of the Palmetto variety and are said to have the characteristic liver-enhancing property. She feeds them every day at 06:00, and especially with sweet and floury foods, which is why she specially prepares a mixture of melon, apples and rice bran. Apparently her cockroaches love her!
"Like children, they need efficient nutrition." Yuan says. “They are more active at night, mating and hunting for food. They mate with each other after eating. The mating process takes about two hours, and then spawning occurs. And every time dozens of little cockroaches are added.”

The cockroach trade in China

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