In Novara there is an infector: he has a purse and they call him a scientific informant

Surprisingly after the guidelines approved by the Conference of Regions and the annexes to the Prime Ministerial Decree of 11 June 2020 (All.: 9) it seemed that the "ISF problem", under certain conditions, indicated in the DPCM, was overcome.

Nothing could be more wrong: in Novara the director of the Urban District forbids the access of informers "until the situation permits it". Evidently there's no DPCM that cares. Who knows maybe they're not able to handle this phase 3 or they don't have the ability to establish rules or an excess of caution or they're simply not able to assume responsibility for anything else already assumed by the DPCM.

Meanwhile in Novara the nightlife is raging as evidenced by the photo below taken on March 6, in the midst of the coronavirus emergency, posted by the regional councilor Matteo Marnati.

But the infectors are only the ISF


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