AIFA. Pharmaceutical expenditure 2019. The contracted out decreases, the direct increases

The monitoring of pharmaceutical expenditure is conducted on the basis of the agreed expenditure data and the Summary Accounting Lists (DCR) acquired by the Regions, as well as the data acquired by the New National Information System (SIS) of the Ministry of Health, relating to the traceability of the drug (DM July 15, 2004).

Overall pharmaceutical expenditure (contracted + direct purchases) in the period January-December 2019 amounted to +18,647.4 million euros, showing an absolute gap with respect to the total resources (14.85% of the Fsn, equal to 16,898.1 million) of a truly considerable amount: in fact, it is a breakthrough of as much as 1,749.3, which increases the percentage incidence of expenditure on drugs on the Fsn at 16.39%, or more than one and a half percentage points more.

The agreement affects the Fsn for 7.16%, significantly lower than the ceiling of 7.96% set by law (equal to 9,057.8 million euro). The arithmetical calculation is easy: in the year of grace 2019, the pharmaceutical expenditure under the agreement generated a surplus of 913.7 million euros.

Conversely, pharmaceutical expenditure for direct purchases for verification (the ceiling for which is set at 6.89% by the NFS) net of pay-backs in force and funds for innovative non-oncological and innovative oncological products reaches 10,503,278,579 euros, equal to an incidence of 9.23%, with a deficit compared to planned expenditure of +2,663 million.

This is the summary data that emerges from the first release of the Monitoring of national and regional pharmaceutical expenditure January-December 2019 made available yesterday on its website by AIFA, which does not reserve any particular surprises and indeed confirms the trends widely noted by previous reports.

All the Regions, except one, Abruzzo, which exceeds it by 0.2% percentages and another, Campania, which stands at 7.96%, are below the expenditure ceiling, in many cases even very abundantly (Veneto, Emilia Romagna and the province of Bolzano stand out, all below 6%).

The number of prescriptions (570.3 million), which is the indicator of consumption, marks a drop of 5.6 million, with a reduction of 1.0%) compared to 2018. The number of prescriptions per capita is 9.4, with an average prescription of 1.9 pieces per recipe and a gross per capita expenditure of 166.8 euros. The total per capita ticket expenditure is 26.2 euros, of which 7.6 for fixed tickets and 18.6 for the quota for the generic-branded price differential.

Source AIFA and RifDay


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