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Job alarm, the crisis shows no signs of abating.

There are 300 "dossiers" on company crises open to the Ministry of Economic Development: from 2011 to today, 147 discussion tables have been activated for as many companies, 18 of which in extraordinary administration. In short, the industrial emergency is far from over, the crisis continues unabated and brings with it the alarm for work. For more than four years we have been witnessing a long negative situation which has profoundly marked the entire fabric of Italian companies, the signs of which are visible both in the massive recourse to layoffs and in the articulation of the shock absorbers used by companies to deal with restructuring processes.

Clear proof of the crisis, if proof were still needed, are the over 4 million workers who - in 2012 - find themselves in the so-called hardship area, with an increase of 718,999 units (21%) compared to 2008: a dramatic picture emerges from the very recent Ires-Cgil research, also considering that - from the first half of 2008 to the first half of 2012 - employment fell considerably in absolute values, going from 23 million 376 thousand to 22 million 919 thousand (-456 thousand), despite the fact that the number of people of working age has increased by almost 500,000 units. As can be read, the worst is not over: it is evident that work and industrial policy are the main factors to be addressed. It is undeniable: an extraordinary employment plan is needed to get out of the crisis (C.Ca. – Filctem CGIL).

We report below the part of the IRES-CGIL research which concerns the Pharmaceutical Sector.


The crisis in the pharmaceutical sector comes from afar: in the last 5 years almost 10,000 jobs have been lost and as many are expected in the coming years, especially in the centers located in Lazio, Lombardy, Veneto and Tuscany. The choice of the large multinationals is clear: to delocalise towards more economically convenient markets.

A "divestment" that does not only concern the production phase but above all - and this is even more serious - the research and development departments. Moreover, the situation of the sector has been further aggravated by the launch of the recent decree by Minister Balduzzi which requires family doctors to write the name of the active ingredient instead of the

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