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Flood. Let's help informants from Romagna who have lost everything

The terrible flood which affected part of the Emilia-Romagna region did not even spare some Scientific Informers, who have suffered serious damage to furniture and appliances up to the loss of the entire house. We therefore decided to start a fundraiser now to help the Colleagues involved with our strength.

For this purpose the Presidents of the AIISF Sections of Forlì-Cesena Lambert Zannotti and of Ravenna Guido Nivellini they have taken action and will take care of collecting more precise information on the most urgent needs. Thanks to everyone's help, we will try to satisfy them, with maximum clarity, transparency, traceability and speed.

So already now you can make a donation to the Banca Generali current account

payable to Fedaisf 

IBAN IT82A0307502200CC8500867357 

causal “Emilia-Romagna flood”.

IS/ISF Colleagues who have suffered significant damage refer to the respective Directives of the Provincial Aiisf Sections of the territory.

Only together can we help colleagues who are currently in difficulty in an effective and direct way

The National Council Fedaiisf

___________________________     tel. 3355884475            tel.:‎ 371 490 2329

Redazione Fedaiisf

Promote the cohesion and union of all members to allow a univocal and homogeneous vision of the professional problems inherent in the activity of pharmaceutical sales reps.

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