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On Friday 11/01/2013, the meeting between the Trade Unions, the RSUs and Sigma-tau was held in the Lazio Region for the signing of the agreement relating to the management of employment repercussions, as illustrated in the meetings held with the workers, following the redefinition of the organizational structures deriving from the Industrial Plan (IP) presented by the Company and already illustrated to the Region, the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry for Economic Development.

Following the organizational changes following the IP, the Company had declared a redundancy of 378 workers (232 already in CIGS + 146 new redundancies), and announced the opening of a redundancy procedure for the management of these redundancies.

The trade unions and the RSUs, also supported by the institutions, immediately rejected this approach and asked for the use of less traumatic and conservative social shock absorbers for the management of the declared redundancies.

The Company has therefore demonstrated its willingness to modify the choice of mobility, and on 13/12/2012 it opened a procedure for the Extraordinary Redundancy Fund (CIGS) relating to 378 workers for a period of 12 months.

During the subsequent negotiations, the trade unions and the trade unions have strongly requested that the Company reduce the number of workers declared redundant, income support for workers to be placed in CIGS, and the use of all possible tools for an active labor policy to train and retrain suspended workers in order to encourage their relocation.

Furthermore, for the purpose of a more concrete possibility of relocating workers, it was requested that the duration of the CIGS be extended to 24 months.

The agreement reached, after several meetings, provides for the reduction of workers declared redundant from 378 to 360, the extension of the CIGS from 12 to 24 months, income support from the Company of 350 euros per month to those who request it and the continuity of the Faschim fund is confirmed.

In addition, a series have been envisaged in the agreement

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