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Counterfeit anti-anxiety blocker. Aifa: Asia and China the main sources

We will force BANKS to finance citizens to switch to renewable energy.

For the energy conversion of this country!

 The country of the sun will have to go to solar energy.

 The BANKS will have to FULLY FINANCING the plants and will repay them with the surplus energy that will be fed into the grid.

We could start with Monte Paschi Siena.

And then I want to propose the birth of a STATE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY!

Do you know why pharmacies now offer equivalent medicines?

Not because they are forced…nor because they have become virtuous.

But simply because THEY EARN DOUBLE!!

And not only the PHARMACIES, but the WHOLE DISTRIBUTION CHAIN earns more!

Now imagine how LOW the REAL costs of equivalent drugs are and how much they weigh on the NHS budget

Secondly, you should know that by law equivalents can contain up to 20% of the active ingredient of the corresponding commercial drug.

 And also the controls are much softer.

 Well, all of this needs to be ABOLITED.

The equivalent drug must be

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