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Pharmaceutical companies: how much does Big Pharma make on our disease?

Of Dominic De Felice | 5 April 2014 Il Fatto Quotidiano

Just a month agoAntitrust ruled by imposing a fine of 180 million euros jointly on two drug multinationals, Novartis And Roche, hypothesizing a cartel agreement to make use of a drug equal to another in ophthalmology but with an initial cost 70 times greater. But how much does he earn Big Pharma about our diseases?

I have been informed that in the field of anticancer drugs, and specifically those used for bone metastases of primary tumors in other organs, there are increases (euro/Kg) from the manufacturer of the active ingredient alone Bees (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, as the active ingredient is defined in jargon) to the finished drug more than 1,000,000 times! Considering that Big Pharma produces “independently” its active ingredients of the brands, the profit increases again: the active ingredient is zoledronic acid, whose brand name is Aclasta, incidentally Novartis, which costs 105 Euros/Kg. which, becoming a finished drug, has a cost to the public of 111,472,000 euros/kg.!!!

But is this markup for a life-saving drug justified? Someone checks that Big Pharma does not exploit

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