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In the case of drugs, the courier who denounced the company loses his job



LUCCA. The driver from Lucca is the one who, through the Le Iene program of Italia1, unleashed the case of life-saving drugs transported in a non-insulated van and therefore - according to the report - exposed to sudden changes in temperature, while they should remain in a range between 2 and 8 degrees

The story was featured on Thursday night's show and questions were raised about the effectiveness of poorly stored drugs. A transmission that has led the local health authorities and pharmacists from Lucca to meet tomorrow morning, together with the owners of the warehouses from which the medicines leave, to define new protocols that guarantee the safety of the products.

Damiano Panella, 39, from Capannori, author of the complaint, has lost his job, but does not regret his decision.

Concern for people's health took precedence over other considerations.

«I worked for that medicine transport company since May 2011 – he says – and I have always used the same van. While dealing with drugs, I had never been given any courses, I hadn't been prepared for this job. So I read up on the Internet and tried to understand how certain drugs should be treated. I didn't think twice at that point."

Panella contacted the investigator Renato Bianchi, collaborator of the Mediaset program, the subject was discussed with Andrea Agresti, one of the protagonists of the transmission, and it was decided to put together the service.

9 minutes of images went on TV that start with an interview with Panella, who tells how the transport of medicines destined - in his case - to the pharmacies of Lucca took place with a non-insulated vehicle.

The troupe of the Hyenas follows the vehicle for several days and from the transmitted images we recognize some places in the Lucchesia.

Even during a particularly cold night, a thermometer visible from the outside is left in the van which detects the temperature which drops to -8 degrees.

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