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Farminduct, an air of optimism for companies

Stable signs of recovery also in the pharmaceutical industry. At least this is the photograph taken by the Pharmintec Observatory, which presented its fourth Report yesterday in Milan. Conducted on a sample of 113 companies - for a total of 11,000 employees and 3 billion in turnover - the survey provides encouraging data for the sector, which produces components, services, machinery and semi-finished products. Any examples? The 44% of the companies recorded a growth in turnover in the second half of 2010, the 33% approximately speaks of a stable market and only a fifth reports a drop in the income statement. Similar orientations with regard to exports: a third of the companies report increases, just over half point the needle of the barometer to "stable" and approximately 17% registers retreats. But the signs of greater optimism come from the expectations of the producers on the near future: the 52% of the companies expects an increase in turnover for the first half of 2011, while the 40% is in favor of a stable economic situation; the same goes for exports: the 40% of the sample expects an increase in orders from abroad while the 50% assumes a stable trend. As for employment, about three-quarters of companies expect unchanged jobs in the first half of this year, and 20% assumes new hires.

DoctorNews – June 1, 2011

Induced drugs. Increasing turnover for businesses by 52%, stable for 40%
These are the estimates for 2011 of the Pharmintech Observatory, which presented today in Milan the results of the analysis on the performance of 113 companies in the first half of the current year. Export growth prospects for the 40% of companies, only 6% fears a decline. For employment, about three-quarters of companies expect it to hold steady while 20% expect it to rise.
31 MAY – The Italian pharmaceutical industry continues and accelerates on the road to recovery, which already began last year: both the final balances for the second half of 2010 and the prospects for the first half of 2011 are positive. The recovery of the sector linked to pharmaceutical production is attested by the new data from the Pharmintech Observatory, a research project to complement the homonymous international fair held every three years in Bologna (next edition in April 2013) with the support of Farmindustria and of other important associations in the sector. Related industries are a vast group of producers of semi-finished products, machinery, components and services for pharmaceutical companies and the report analyses, through a sample of 113 companies with 11,000 employees and 3 billion in turnover, production, employment, exports, impact on national economy, expectations etc.

With regard to turnover in the second half of 2010, for 44% of companies there was growth and a stable trend for a third, only a fifth reported a decline. As for exports, in the same period there was an increase for about one third of the companies and a constant increase for more than half, only for the 17% is a decrease in turnover on the foreign market indicated. On the employment front, then, in the same semester it remained stable in the

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