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On 13 July we sent Federisf the AIISF proposals for the hypothesis of reunification of the Associations. We feared, due to the nature of the same, the non-acceptance by its managers. In particular, we feared that points 1, 6 and 7 of our proposal could "hit" Federisf colleagues and, above all, former colleagues. However, we could not fail to propose the "nature a-union" of the new Association, in the sense that it "he will not have to side with any OOSS but dialogue with all of them for the achievement of the associative purposes" and we could not even fail to propose, considering it profoundly right, that "The assignments, in the nascent Association, can only be covered by ISF into working activity".

We thought that these, and all the others, proposals could be analyzed according to the programmed and agreed methods.  

We still think so.

We therefore hope, giving our availability right now, that a Federisf executive contact our Secretary to agree on a date and place to meet the "Technical coordination" in order to finally be able to discuss the reunification proposals. Failing that, we will not give up. It will be our Secretary who will contact Federisf.

Angelandrea Fontana

PS We know we are right. We don't need to offend anyone.


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