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Course that releases "Specialist Informant Diploma". A good deal … for those who organize them

We are notified of a training course at the end of which a "Specialist Informant Diploma" is issued. We are also asked if this diploma has legal value.

It should be remembered that scientific information on drugs and the activity of ISFs is regulated by the Legislative Decree 219/06. L'art. 122, and subsequent additions, establishes the "Requirements and activities of scientific informants", in particular the second paragraph says that "scientific reps must have a university degree“, and lists the eligible titles, supplemented by the Ministerial Decree August 3, 2007 and from Ministerial Decree September 1, 2009. At the conclusion, paragraph 2 reads verbatim: "The companies holding marketing authorization ensure the constant updating of the technical and scientific training of scientific representatives“.

Paragraph 6 also specifies "Scientific reps must report to the scientific service referred to inarticle 126on which they depend“. Paragraph 1 of the art. 126 adds: “The scientific service must be independent from the marketing service of the pharmaceutical company“.

It is clear that in order to do the ISF the law must be respected. There is no diploma in scientific information on drugs other than the one cited by law, i.e. the three-year degree in scientific information belonging to Class L-29 issued by a university.

Furthermore, even if utopian, the law emphasizes that marketing should not interfere with the activity of scientific information on prescription drugs. It follows that in these courses illegal behavior is taught.

Everything that is proposed outside the law has no legal value, at the most it can have a cultural value that could be useful, even if not required, for those who deal with supplements, over-the-counter drugs or pharmacy sellers who they must not comply with the provisions of Legislative Decree 219/06.

Unfortunately there are characters who take advantage of people's good faith by deluding them with ambiguous advertisements that they can obtain an "enabling" title. The only value of these courses is the economic one for those who organize them.







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