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From Technicolor to Sigma Tau the great crisis of the industry

From the Fiat of Cassino, to the pharmaceutical hub along the Pomezia-Latina axis; from the ceramic district of Civita Castellana to Ritel (formerly Alcatel) in Rieti; from Argol in Fiumicino to the Civitavecchia and Rome offices of Mercedes Benz; from the Capitoline factory of Technicolor to the Videocon of Anagni. There is no sector spared from the great crisis, which in Lazio does not let go, indeed now it is also hitting hard one of the leading sectors of the regional economy, namely construction. Without considering the 1,300 jobs lost in the banking sector. Has the spread fallen below 300 points as Prime Minister Monti proudly repeats? Little or nothing changes for Lazio companies, at least for now. The picture is dramatic. At Fiat, for example, the number of employees has fallen below 4,000, production is equal to 50% of the plant's capacity, workers are still on layoffs. And the promised investments cannot be seen on the horizon: only hopes, because in Lower Lazio, if Fiat were to close, even 8-9,000 workers in related industries would go belly up. In the whole region there are at least 20,000 places at risk. In the pharmaceutical sector, the cuts to Sigma Tau in Pomezia are only the latest in order of time. Merck had already closed the research center, while Pfizer had sold the Latina plant. And in general the tendency is to abandon research activities, concentrating on production (and often outside Italy) on the basis of ready-made molecules acquired from specialized research centres. According to CGIL data, in this historic sector there is a flight risk of 25% of companies in the sector (about 250 in total) within 12/24 months. And, again, there are many other corporate crises that testify to the impoverishment of the industrial fabric of Lazio. The ceramic district of Civita Castellana has seen the number of tableware and tile manufacturing companies reduced from 30 to 2, with 1,800 jobs lost in four years and another 3,000 at risk immediately. Descending towards the coast, Mercedes Benz decided to close the Civitavecchia office (which dealt with the sale of large industrial vehicles) and to send home almost 200 of the 550 employees of the Rome branch. In Fiumicino, in addition to Alitalia's 4,500 layoffs, the related service companies are paying for the crisis. Now it's up to Argol, which deals with logistics, which has lost the Alitalia contract: the 76 employees have been laid off. In the capital, the Technicolor case is sensational: the second wave of cuts has started in the historic headquarters of Tiburtina in a few months. Blame the advent of digital technology, which makes printing film films unnecessary, says the company. The fault of the company, which does not invest in new technologies in Italy, say the unions. The Anagni Videocon, on the other hand, is starting

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