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EU directive, pharmaceutical care is the responsibility of the pharmacist

Pharmaceutical care is a professional competence of the pharmacist recognized by the European Directive on professions which marks Europe's push towards service pharmacy. Comment like this Maximin Liebl, president of the Pharmaceutical group of the european union (Pgeu), the agreement reached between the Council of European ministers and the European Parliament on the modification of the directive which ratifies, among the fields of intervention of the pharmacist, personalized support to the patient in the administration of pharmacological treatments. In particular, the changes concern article 45 which, in addition to introducing pharmaceutical care, better specifies information and advice on drugs, pharmacovigilance and the role in prevention and health promotion campaigns. «The requested changes have been definitively approved, even if subject to approval by the European Commission» he adds «but in fact this is already the sign that Europe too is going in this direction, indicated by us since 2006, and is pushing for pharmaceutical care to be implemented in all member countries and for the already demonstrated professional qualifications of the pharmacist to be applied. There are several experiences that confirm the advantages and benefits of the service pharmacy. In Great Britain» he recalls «it has existed for 20 years with recognized and reimbursed services and supported by a strong relationship of trust between the family doctor and the pharmacist which began with some difficulties». After the definitive ratification, it will be up to the governments to respond, "in respect of their autonomy on health issues". And he concludes: "The Italian government will also have to answer on the pharmacy services and on the new remuneration, but I believe that the new Minister of Health, Lorenzin, is in favor in the light of the experiences of other states in which it has been demonstrated that there can be savings for the National Health Service".

Simona Zazzetta – 01 July 2013 – Pharmacist33

Automation in the pharmacy: the franchise focuses on hi-tech

Points of sale with a high level of automation, without a counter and with equipment that performs blood and hair analyses, mole mapping, electrocardiograms and beauty treatments. This will be the heart of the business of a Dr Fleming brand franchise format of pharmacies and parapharmacies, controlled by the company Wm Capital. The model conceived by the company is a point of sale without a counter and strongly oriented towards the provision of services. Healthcare, second Fabio Pasquali, president and CEO of Wm Capital, is an "emerging global trend" and claims that in Italy "new opportunities are opening up thanks to the liberalization of the Cresci Italia decree and the Balduzzi decree, which provide for the extension of opening hours, the expansion of locations, the list of products that can be sold in parapharmacies and corners and generic products". The company expects to start 10 in Switzerland by 2013 and in co

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