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That necessary doctor-patient dialogue

Excess of pills Are we sure that the benefits of that pill we take every morning are worth its annoying side effects? Why didn't the doctor ask me before prescribing the antibiotic if I was taking other medicines? THE Are generic drugs as safe as brand-name drugs? Does my indisposition really need medicine? Why do we have to treat ourselves with ever more expensive drugs when there are equally effective alternatives at a much lower cost? Questions answered by Mauro di Leo in a paperback that does not please the pharmaceutical industry and the instrumental use of research on new drugs. Scientific informants raised by marketing directors and prescribers interested in prizes and congresses make pharmaceutical spending a continuous crescendo. But above all they make everyone understand that taking a pill for each symptom is appropriate and risk-free. Patients on drugs (Published together)  contains not only many answers but a list of drugs that do not give any benefit or are even harmful….cornagliafer@aol.c  The Health Republic of 20/12/2007 N. 561 DECEMBER 2007   

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