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Pharmaceuticals: it's not just a matter of accounts


  The settlement meeting of the Pharmaceutical Table envisaged by the Health Pact signed by the Government and the Regions was held yesterday
Three regional representatives participate in the table, as many from the Government (ministries of Health, Economy and Economic Development), one representative from AIFA and one from Agenas, for the public part, and representatives from the drug supply chain, industry, distribution and pharmacists, including the Federation of Pharmacists' Orders represented by President Andrea Mandelli. As illustrated by the Minister of Health, Ferruccio Fazio, the roundtable is called upon to resolve both the contingent difficulties relating to the management of pharmaceutical expenditure and the fundamental issue of the reorganization of the pharmaceutical service. The Minister reiterated his intention to redefine the role of the pharmacy, in the direction indicated by Law 69/2009, i.e. the expansion of the services provided by community pharmacies, but underlined how the current situation requires a short series of measures that allow the balancing of the accounts. In fact, the discussion was characterized by the concern of the Regions for the surge in hospital pharmaceutical expenditure, so much so that according to some proposals put forward, the ceiling should be defined according to new mechanisms. At the same time, however, it was confirmed that territorial pharmaceutical spending is under control. In his speech, Andrea Mandelli underlined that "the pharmacy cannot be the object of only sporadic interventions aimed simply at balancing the budget, temporarily, but requires, due to its centrality in the pharmaceutical service, an organic intervention. Faced with the need to do its part for the economic sustainability of the system, it cannot be overlooked that the function and professionalism of pharmacists, also appreciated and recognized by the citizens, deserve a different structure of the service which allows the pharmacist to operate to its fullest potential". President Mandelli also underlined how the drug supply chain absorbs a large number of highly professional workers, and that rationalization measures must also consider safeguarding employment levels.

Pharmacist33 – 11 February 2010 – Year 6, Number 24

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