Drugs, the people of Pesaro snub the generic ones

Propaganda in favor of generics in the Marches. Perplexities that arise in many sections of the population, and in particular - according to the data - in the province of Pesaro and Urbino

from CNA Pesaro – 18 February 2015 – Viverepesaro

immagineThe information and awareness campaign (the first in the Marche region) on the use of generic medicines continues in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. On the so-called "generics", in fact, despite their reliability and quality have been proven (so much so that they are in all respects equal to the products holding the first patent), there is still a lot of distrust.

Perplexities that arise in many segments of the population, and in particular - according to the data - in the province of Pesaro and Urbino To explain how many and what advantages (also for the national health service) the use of equivalents entails, CNA Pensioners and Pharmacies of the territory - they have started a new relationship of collaboration - on the subject of information and health education. The second appointment of this informative tour in the province was organized in Pesaro, on Saturday 21 February 2015 at 10 am in the CNA headquarters in via Mameli 92 (Benelli Headquarters). 10.00 am) on the topic: The opportunities of equivalent medicines in pharmacies - Quality and safety while saving on costs.

The initiative, reserved for all citizens, born in collaboration with the pharmacies of Pesaro Rossini and Ruggeri, "aims - as the provincial president of CNA Pensionati Giancarlo Sperindio explains - to develop a precise information campaign on the issue of generic drugs or more precisely equivalents that have the same characteristics as the so-called "brand" drugs, but which cost on average 20% less". Internationally, Italy consumes 17.50% of generic medicines [according to OsMed report 2014 is 28.8%] versus the US 80%. In the Marches and in the province of Pesaro this figure is around 13% [Editor's note: according to the Report AIFA OsMed, p. 40, is 24.8%].

Risultati immagini per cna pesaroThe drug classified as generic, introduced in Italy in 2001, was changed to equivalent in 2005 precisely because these are drugs that are absolutely equivalent to the branded ones, with the same active ingredient no longer protected by a patent and have the same pharmaceutical formula and so on. of administration for example: tablets, capsules, suppositories, injectable solutions and the same unit dosage of "brand" drugs.

"The declared objective of CNA Pensionati of Pesaro and Urbino - underlines Valerio Angelini provincial secretary of CNA Pensionati - is to develop precise information for consumers, in particular pensioners, to enhance the fundamental and irreplaceable role of pharmacies as the first health facility on the territory, for a healthier and more controlled use of medicines, to have considerable savings and consolidate an increasingly intense and qualified collaboration relationship with pharmacies". The provincial president and vice president of the Order of Pharmacists Romeo Salvi and Antonio Astuti will participate in the public assembly on Saturday 21 February 2015.

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