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Pharmacists and informants

A real metamorphosis to transform the old medicine shop into a pharmacy in step with the times. The 'recipe' to ensure that the pharmacies scattered throughout the peninsula 'shed their skin', thus stemming the danger of selling over-the-counter medicines on supermarket shelves, was presented today in Rome by the president of the Federation of Pharmacists' Associations (Fofi) Giacomo Leopardi, during the Fofi National Council which was also attended by the Minister of Health Livia Turco. "We all agree on the need for a reform - admits Leopardi - Something must change in the pharmacist, moving from the moment of recriminations to that of the desire to do and to commit oneself, both in terms of the profession and in terms of management". According to Fofi, the reform must pass through pharmacovigilance, for example, identifying a provincial manager of the pharmaceutical profession on this front. And giving life to a network that transforms "the one hundred presidents and order advisers in drug 'sentinels'". Especially in light of the fact that only 2% of pharmacovigilance reports today comes from pharmacies. Not only. The Fofi 'recipe' also envisages the transformation of the pharmacy into a real multifunctional socio-health centre, aimed at effectively solving health problems without burdening the state budget.

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