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Farm industry. Production, investments, disclosure code and industrial realities. Ed

With all positive numbers in 2015.
Employment: pharmaceutical workers increased by 1%, especially in production and research (+3%), reaching 63,500.

There were 6,000 new hires, 20% more than in the previous 5 years. And half are under 30, demonstrating that companies look to the future by betting on the enthusiasm of young people.

Production: recorded a leap forward, over 30 billion, thanks to the driving force of exports (22 billion, equal to 73%). Exports that have grown by 57% since 2010 compared to an EU average of 33%.

Investments: they reached 2.6 billion (1.4 in R&D and 1.2 in production), with an increase of 15% in two years.

(Taken from  The numbers of the drug industry. Production, investments, disclosure code and industrial realities in the Regions" - health newspaper 06/23/2016)

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Ed: We would like to remind Farmindustria, since they have evidently "forgotten" about it, that at least 15,000 Pharmaceutical Representatives have been fired since 2007. In the same period, drug companies have always increased their turnover.

Value of pharmaceutical production. Billions of euros, 2015 estimates. (Source: elaboration on Efpia data, Eurostat)

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