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Fda to L'Oreal, anti-wrinkles advertised as drugs

Wrinkle creams are not drugs capable of modifying the structure or any function of the human body and cannot be advertised as such. This is, in summary, the message addressed by the US drug agency, the FDA, to the cosmetics giant L'Oreal, in a letter sent at the end of the analysis of the Lancome site, which is part of the group.

In the viewfinder, the advertising messages of some popular lines of anti-wrinkle cosmetics. "We are aware of the letter sent by the FDA to Lancome and we will promptly respond to the issues highlighted in it. Lancome has always been oriented towards full compliance with all laws and regulations", is the prompt response of L'Oreal USA in a note.

According to the FDA, the messages on the site suggest that the products in question can act on the structure or any function of the human body: according to the law, they would be drugs. It is claimed, for example, that creams and serums "improve the activity of genes and stimulate the production of youth proteins", or even act "on stem cells and stimulate cell regeneration".

This, argues the US agency, may suggest that these are drugs, subject to a series of authorizations and efficacy and safety controls by the FDA itself. But this is not the case, since we are dealing with cosmetics, which are not subject to the same regulation as medicines.

The FDA therefore asks L'Oreal to review the website, product labels and advertising messages so as not to violate the law. In the absence of "rapid corrective actions", the agency reserves the right to intervene without further notice.

Adelisa Maio – September 13, 2012 – PharmaKronos


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